With holiday season just around the corner, many people are opting for more unique venues. In Perth it seems warehouse venues are quickly becoming the hip place to get hitched, hold the staff Xmas party and even host your 50th birthday get-together.

From run down old  tobacco warehouses to renovated rustic barns, warehouse spaces are like a blank canvas. They can hold so much history in their features. Neutral tones come through the cement floors, paint peeling off the walls or the exposed beams. They too can lend themselves to very modern aesthetics. From keeping it bare and filling the space with candlelight, to getting creative with florals, furniture and decor, you can transform the space into something completely different, all it takes is a single person to let their imagination run wild.

The reason why these warehouse spaces appeal to the masses? They are not all feminine; a lot of venues now days are very feminine with white walls, cream carpet and crystal chandeliers. Warehouses tend to have more masculine features, like the odd copper bar or professional graffiti on the walls. Women love the blank canvas and men appreciate the rough interiors. Warehouse venues are all about re-purposing what items were left behind.

Finding new, exciting and functional warehouse venue can be hard in a smaller city like Perth.  But at Ultimo we have a working knowledge of lots of interesting and warehouse venues, ideal for events of all kinds. We’ll find you somewhere to help make your event a success. Knowing where to look is half the battle, but understanding what works and what doesn’t will make or break your event.

Ultimo have handpicked some of the most unique warehouse venues Perth has for hire and we will work with you to make sure we find the perfect venue that will blow your guests away.

Whatever the occasion Ultimo Catering will be sure to find the right venue for your event!