There is no better way to finish a busy week than few a few cocktails on a Friday evening, below are the resort inspired recipes we designed exclusively for the Hayley Parker PR Launch.

Pomegranate + Rosemary Gin Fizz

30ml Tanqueray Gin

60ml pomegranate

15ml Rosemary sugar syrup

1 Wedge of lemon, squeezed then disposed

45ml soda water


Combine ingredients, stir lightly

Garnish: Rosemary stalk lay over the top of the glass finish with some pomegranate seeds.


Autumn Absolut Gimlet 

30 ml Absolut vodka

Two lime wedges, squeezed and dropped into the glass

1 basil leaf

Half a teaspoon of Marmalade

60ml Soda


Combine ingredients, stir well, then top with soda

Garnish: Basil Leaves


Absolut Ginger Lime + Mint 

30ml Absolut vodka

Ginger beer

Wedge of lime, squeezed and dropped in

4 mint leaves


Combine ingredients and stir well

Garnish: Mint leaves


Pomegranate + Blueberry Mocktail 

Dessert spoon of blueberries

Pomegranate juice


2 wedges of lemon, squeezed and disposed


Smash the blueberries with spoon, then combine the rest, stir lightly

Garnish: Pomegranate seeds, lemon round


Pear + Cloudy Apple Mocktail 

60ml Pear juice

60ml Cloudy apple juice

Drop of vanilla bean extract

45ml tonic


Combine ingredients and stir well

Garnish: Pear fan (see images)


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