One of the biggest trends in the hospitality world of late, has been the push from consumers for more on-the-go options. Whether this a reflection of a more time-poor society, or a development that goes hand in hand with leaps in the digital technology, the message is clear – consumers want control over their catering choices and they want them now!

In fact, according to Foodable Labs data, online and order pickup are increasing at a rate of 34 percent, greater than dine-in restaurant services over the past 18 months. What does this mean for the future of the restaurant or catering experience?

Being a caterer, rather than a restaurant with a fixed premise, Ultimo are already extremely well versed in offering unique dining experiences outside of the restaurant environment.

However, is crucial to appreciate the complexity and dynamics of off-premise consumption. The experience is completely different than in-store dining, and different again to off-site catering. Rather than viewing this push for on demand delivery as a threat to our core business, Ultimo see this as a unique opportunity and a challenge to expand.

Ultimo Catering + Events are launching our new On Demand Catering service in July 2017. Our Michelin Star quality chefs are creating fresh cuisine, made from locally sourced produce, delivered to your door. The bottom line is, people care about what they eat. But it needs to be easy to order and affordable.

Our On Demand Catering menus can be ordered online, with a 1-2  hour turn-around time. Something not typically seen within the larger catering market. We will be offering options suitable for corporate meetings, boardroom breakfasts or lunches, for groups or individuals.

Ultimo Catering + Events want to provide new solutions that answer the real wants and needs of our customers, diversifying our catering menus into a more accessible and approachable service. This includes the development of clear on-line ordering technology, high-quality images of our what the product actually looks like when it comes, fast turn-around time, sustainable practices and fresh, locally grown cuisine that is mindful of varying dietary requirements.

There have been very real concerns recently over the decline of the hospitality and restaurant markets, particularly in Western Australia. However, we believe that the industry is dynamic and it’s a matter of going where the people are. And the people are online, on their smart phones and on food delivery apps.

The best part, every time you place an order we will feed someone in need thanks to our charitable sponsor Oz Harvest!

On Demand Catering is a consumer solution that people want. In short, it makes our lives easier. The more our industry can do to bring new and exciting solutions to this marketplace, the more customers will continue to embrace the hospitality industry in Western Australia.

Getting hungry? You just relax, and we’ll come to you with On Demand Catering.