Scribblers Festival Launch, The Goods Shed

This is where the story begins…
Ultimo Catering were proud to be one of the sponsors supporting the Scribblers Festival held at The Goods Shed in May 2018. FORM and the Town of Claremont presented the launch of their first Scribblers Literature and Arts Festival for Young People.

Many years in the making. Scribblers Festival started from watching children’s eyes light up as we read to them each night, from watching them use these stories to navigate both their inner and outer worlds, and from witnessing the positive power that imaginations can have on the lives of many.

Ultimo served light canapes throughout the evening, as special guest, Paul Collard (UK), CEO of Creativity, Culture and Education and Festival Director, Katherine Dorrington, shared highlights of the inaugural program.

Photography Credit:  Taryn Hays, courtesy of FORM

Our Friends Electric

We really enjoyed working with your team, the food and service was outstanding! We look forward to working with Ultimo next time we are in Perth.

Cariss, Event Coordinator