Quay to the Amazon

Quay to the Amazon was an event like no other. Guests were taken on a journey, far far away from home yet so close. They explored the secrets of the Amazon, finding themselves at the Indiana Jones cocktail lounge where they were treated to all inclusive cocktails on tap. For those explorers who needed more to quench their thirst, they ventured deeper into the forest to enjoy a selection of premium beverages at the main bar. Guests relaxed in the fully themed Indiana Jones lounge encased within large tipi tents where they enjoyed a selection of live entertainment from fire dancers to stilt walkers and even live snakes. The King Kong club safe guarded by a large 4 metre Gorilla had it’s very own DJ as well as a live band and dance floor for those wanting to show of their moves. A silent disco corner was also set up for those who preferred to preserve the calm sounds of the Amazon.  Throughout the night guests enjoyed a selection of food from our interactive food stations as well as canapes designed and inspired by the Amazon.


Our Amazon Inspired Menu


Mini Brazilian wood-fired open steak sanga, with cheddar, chilli, red onion & chimmi churri .Wood-fire is a traditional form of cooking long used by Amazonian civilisation & still popular for its distinctive smoky flavours

Golden pyramid of arancini – Forest mushroom, parmesan & white balsamic sauce (V) Flat top pyramids were traditional Amazonian structures, dedicated to worship. The concept was to build them reaching towards the sky to be closer to the sun or gods.

Amazonian ‘shrunken head tsatsa’ chicken lollipop, marinated in herbs, with an ash dip (GF) Tsata is the technique of ‘shrunken heads’. A process originating in the Amazon in order to trap the souls of the dead so they didn’t seek revenge. Our chefs will braise & shrink the chicken in herbs and spices to infuse flavour and then grill over charcoal.

Pulled pork belly empanadas with ‘Aji Picante’ hot sauce (DF) A popular fiesta food for celebration in Colombian and the wider Amazonian area. Served with a mild Picante chilli hot sauce.


White fish ‘with a bite’, blackened corn salsa & cassava leaf compote (GF, DF) . A local Amazonian delicacy is Pirahna – Our interpretation of this is a white fish with a fresh tangy salsa (to give it the bite).

Smoked & slow cooked pulled beef brisket slider, chipotle, crunchy slaw, soft milk bun Chipotle literally translates to ‘smoked chilli’. Milk or ‘leche’ is a prominent ingredient in many dishes from the Amazonian region.

Black bean & fried Kumara burrito bowl, pico de gallo, chilli, avocado, sour cream & brown rice, with toasted corn tortilla chips (V, GF) .Black beans and plantain, a starchy and sweet banana, are diet staples in the region. Pico de gallo is a very popular mild salsa made from chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeños and lime.

Chicken cacao mole, long grain fluffy rice, lime, tomato & coriander (GF) . One of the famous flavour of the region, ‘Mole’ contains about 20 ingredients, including chili peppers and raw chocolate or cacao, which works to counteract the heat of the chili peppers.

SWEET (Choice of Two)

Pineapple gelee, sugar cane chilli syrup & black ant (Contains Shellfish) (GF) A homage to famous dish by Alex Atala, a prominent Brazilian chef who specializes in using local & unusual produce such as edible ants, which have a mild smokey flavour with a citrus finish. Ants are super rich in protein and minerals and are much more sustainable than meat. Gelee is a dessert with a jelly-like consistency.

Warm churros & Venezuelan dark chocolate velvet. A well-known traditional dessert, donut-like churros are served with rich chocolate sauce. Cacao is a major export from the Amazonian forest.

Andes coffee tart with dulce de leche caramel. Coffee beans are one of the largest and most widely used exports from the region. Dulce de leche is an extremely popular rich caramel made from slowly heating sweetened milk.

Coconut & mango tapioca pearl pudding. ‘Salpicon de frutas’ is traditionally a drink with chopped fruits. Our interpretation is a tapioca pearl cup (similar to rice pudding) with coconut and fresh mango. Tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root, a species that is native to South America.


I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Ultimo Team for all your work in the lead up as well as on the night. I can not recommend the Ultimo company enough. Not only did you and the team make the organising an absolute breeze, the detail and professionalism on the night by all staff was nothing short of superb! Nothing was ever too much trouble  – from taking care of the ticket sales and providing regular updates, to even extending the event on the night when the CEO made the request at 9.50pm (10 mins before it was meant to close)– even meeting the last minute request of having a lectern and stand alone mic for speeches!! The Ultimo customer service really is above and beyond. I had numerous emails flooding my inbox on Friday from staff raving about what a great night it was! The layout was fantastic for our size group (roughly 300ish I believe) as there was plenty of room to move without the place feeling empty. Both the drinks and food menus were fab – so many people made the comment of how fast the service was. We had a very challenging budget to work with, and what you were able to provide for that budget was absolutely incredible.


Freya Barsby – Calibre Group