Dinner in the Sky

Ultimo were very excited to be the exclusive chefs for ‘Dinner in the Sky’ Perth, running from the 10th of March until the 25th of March 2017. This amazing, once in a life time experience will saw diners suspended 50 meters above ground with an uninterrupted views of Perth city. The platform even rotates to give diners a full 360-degree experience, ensuring guests feel literally on top of the world as they take in the stunning bird’s-eye view and enjoy fine cuisine from our very own Michelin star trained chefs.

Ultimo’s executive chef, Matt Leahy, designed a bespoke lunch and dinner menu, hand-crafted using the finest in fresh & locally sourced ingredients. The menu was inspired by dining amongst the clouds, with one of the main courses made up of elements reflective of different cloud formations; Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, Altocumulus, Cirrocumulus. Chef Matt Leahy didn’t miss an opportunity for an aerial pun or two. He said of his food that “the sky’s the limit”, when it comes to creativity.



Swan river weed brioche

With finger lime & macadamia butter


Amuse bouche de gout et les yeux

Mushroom, Nasturtium, apple, scallop, black pudding, samphire & sorrel


#RaiseTheEarth #UmamiOnHigh

Butternut, heirloom beets, turnip, beef brisket, dandelion & bean


‘No Powder Room’ Freshener

Lemon bitter, gin & juniper sorbet, cucumber & peppermint espuma


Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, Altocumulus, Cirrocumulus – A lesson on plating in the Sky

Jerusalem artichoke, cauliflower, lamb, rhubarb & white balsamic caviar


Cloud 9; Coconut & lime

Coconut, kaffir lime posset, fig, wild honey & glass


22 diners per flight enjoyed an interactive display from our chef, along with premium West Australian wines & boutique craft beers. Lunch included canapes on the ground before a 3 course meal in the sky. Dinner also included canapes on the ground with a 6 course meal in the sky.

Mr Simon Laxton the owner of Events in the Sky Australia describes the experience as; “It reinvigorates your senses and then you’re having this wonderful meal, the music is playing and you’re with your loved ones or friends, it’s beautiful.”

Ultimo’s Dinner in the Sky menu was even reviewed by Rob Broadfield for The West, with the critic rating it an outstanding 18/20. “All the dishes were surprisingly technical and well-executed, no mean feat for chefs 50m above the ground wearing riggers’ harnesses” raved Broadfield.


A massive thank you must go out to every member of the Ultimo Catering and Events team who have worked with Dinner in the Sky. The entire Ultimo Catering team is a gem to work with. At times they were thrown curve balls with dietary needs at the last minute or guests bookings who have come in instantly to take remaining seats. Never a grumble but always presenting a can do attitude, they’re all approachable and friendly to both associates of Dinner in the Sky and the guests. They’re 100% accommodating. Ultimo have made in a massive way the success of our event. The comments on our Facebook page and our reviews are often about the high standard of the food and how it is presented.

Dinner in the Sky, Sharon