Barbagallo – Launch of the Aston Martin DB11

It was with with great pleasure we catered for the launch of the new Aston Martin DB11 held at Barbagello’s Osborne Park Showroom. Our concept for the launch was to create a  food/dining experience that will thrill all senses, our menu and beverage selection will draw guests focus to the senses, feelings and emotions inspired by these luxury vehicles while giving them additional knowledge on rare and premium produce.

A bespoke menu consisting of two unique food demonstrations at custom designed kitchen stations, each staffed by our Michelin star trained chefs, featuring premium ingredients.

We worked with two key ingredients and based the menu around food that would compliment those. Working with such luxurious brand we needed to create a menu to match! Which is why we sourced our


The Truffle Bar                                                                                                                                                       

Guests will be able to select from two risottos, each being cooked by our chefs and finished with the choice of shavings of truffles or truffle oil. The aroma was rich and enticing and Ultimo’s chefs enjoyed being able to discuss with guests the origin of the truffles and it’s best uses. Our truffles were sourced from Stonebarn in Western Australian,  French Perigold Truffles from Manjimup.

Wild forest mushroom risotto,  tomato & chive concasse, vincotto & truffle oil pipette (v,gf)

Braised & pulled osso buco & saffron risotto , citrus crème & micro plain truffle (gf)

Caviar tasting bar

Offering 3 varieties of caviar:

Sterling caviar which is White Sturgeon Roe

Oscietra caviar which is Russian Sturgeon roe

Salmon caviar from the Yarra valley

This premium delicacy was served on 3 bespoke canapes were prepared by our chefs using a mother of pearl spoons to handle the delicate caviar.


Duck parfait, rhubarb prison, ginger & walnut unpuff, sorrel

Pancetta bound chicken galantine, cranberry fluid gel, thyme galette on black spoon (gf)

Pumpkin cobbler, pearl barley crumble, short crust (v)

Rock lobster,  leek & bbq sweetcorn filo tart, lemon

Ultimo are proud to be associated with the amazing team from Barbagallo. We eagerly await our next opportunity to provide innovative & imaginative catering at your events.


ASG Group 

Thank you so much for your wonderful catering for our event on Friday night. Your entire team worked tirelessly all night to deliver a beautiful menu for our guests and did a fantastic job dealing with the showers. Everyone really enjoyed all the menu and drinks choices and had a really great night, despite the rain – it certainly didn’t dampen our Christmas Party spirits. Thanks again for everything, I appreciated all that you did for us on Friday night and I look forward to working with the Ultimo team again.


Karen| ASG Group