Ultimo will take the strain out of organising the catering and beverages for your loved one’s wake. Our specifically designed wake catering menus are simple to order, offer quality food choices and are easy to serve, so your focus can be given to the more sensitive issues on the day and not the food served at a wake.

Our wake menus start from $12.50/head. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround – orders can be taken up to 2 days prior to your wake, and we have proven experience in catering for wakes from up to 500 people.

All orders for Wakes operate via our ExpressQ system where your order takes top priority and everything is organised on your behalf, by our dedicated Wakes Team. Let us take care of you and your family.  Contact Clark Wilmot on 0408 955 047.


Thank you for the event of Friday – it really was outstanding. I have had several people who attend lots of corporate events say to me that “That was the best event I have attended in at least the last 5 years” So thank you! The attention to detail of the whole day, from breakfast at registration to the superb lunch, the events themselves and finally the awards at the end was exemplary. Normally as the person who has signed the event off, I spend the day worrying if it will be a success, but this was one of those rare events when I could submerse myself in the day and enjoy it, knowing that you had everything covered. A brilliant day, one that shall be long talked about!

Richard , EventPod