Yes, we said it! It goes against everything we know as wedding caterers but the new wedding trend is not to follow any trends!

Your wedding day doesn’t have to be about following the latest trend. Recently a lot of Ultimo’s wedding catering has been about paying homage to our couples likes and dislikes. Make your wedding about places you have been, your passions, talents, interests or the memories you have made together, for truly unique and special big day.

We have encountered some pretty creative brides in 17 years in the wedding industry. Here are a few examples of how these brides have strayed away from the current wedding trends and truly made their wedding about their love and time together. These are unique concepts or ideas that each couple felt so strongly about they just had to include them into their wedding ceremony, catering or reception.


One of our couples decided to name each table after a destination that was special to them, the centre piece included photos from their time travelling. It was amazing to watch the guests throughout the night roam around the reception reminiscing on the holidays they shared with them. Many of Ultimo venues can easily be adapted to include styling that reflects particular cultures or countries as well. You can include small modest touches or run with the theme from the styling, right through to the food.


Jaime and Daniel are both passionate school teachers, Daniel a woodwork teacher and Jaime an art teacher. So when they sat down to work out the overall theme of their wedding they came up with the idea to make a few focal points of décor themselves. The couple spent most of their weekend in the back yard sawing, sanding, gluing and painting. The end result was well worth it when they were able to stand there on their big day and enjoy what they had hand-made together. This can be a great way to reduce styling costs as well, and a lovely way to take some time out together in the sometimes busy lead up to your wedding.


Have a think about what you and your partner are interested in or do either separately or together and how you can incorporate this into your ceremony or reception. Music is a great way to celebrate your mutual tastes. Or perhaps you and your future spouse have always enjoyed something as simple as going to the movies together and sharing popcorn. Why not create a help-your-self popcorn bar for guests to snack on. The possibilities are endless when you start thinking outside the box and are not limiting yourself with the current wedding trend.


Are you and your partner avid foodies? When you are invite friends to your house for dinner do you love to share good food and conversation or go out for a special meal? Celebrate food and dining experiences that you both enjoy with a custom degustation menu. Some of our couples choose two or three courses that reflect their favourite ingredients, creating their ideal restaurant quality menu designed and prepared by our Michelin star quality chefs. Custom interactive food stalls can be a fantastic way to sample different cuisines from different cultures or places you have travelled together, and a unique way to serve your guests.

Whatever you plan for your wedding, Ultimo can assist you with your catering requirements and the entire event planning process. With over 17  years experience, we love to be innovative and create unique experiences for each and every one of our weddings.