We often get asked a lot of questions about styling but particularly how to effectively style a grazing table. We have broke down the three main key factors to styling a luscious and abundant looking grazing table.

When you are styling a grazing table for an event our top 3 tips to stick with are;

  1. Creating Height – If there is no height or structure to the setup, the table will become very flat and two dimensional
  2. Props & Crockery – The use of props and contemporary crockery can really elevate the overall presentation of you table
  3. Colour Blocking & Textures – Choose a colour palate and stick with it, we usually work with a very neutral palate such as black, white, stone slates & metals which is much more harmonious on the eye sometimes we work in some cool blues.

Creating Height

When creating height you must work back the front. The back being the furthest from the viewer and the highest point and the front the lowest point of the display.

Height brings a three-dimensional feel to your structure. You don’t want things to be two-dimensional, you want it loose, un-structured and a bit of an adventure with plenty of nooks & crannies throughout; the ultimate instagrammable feast.

Props & Crockery

Mix up your material so that things look natural (you never want a table to feel forced). Use a colour palate of neutral bowls, plates, serving trays, slates of stone. The colour’s will come though your beautiful fresh produce. This will also aid in creating that three-dimensional depth that I mentioned earlier. Place some of your props on top of each other to create your height.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of having to spend big money to get a collection of props together, it’s not as bad as you think. You just need to get your local Kmart and go exploring. We always try to source a few stand out pieces from hire companies such as Hire Society or alternatively shop at Empire but Bunnings and Ikea are also great place to start if you’re working with a budget.

Colour Blocking & Textures 

This is where you can get super creative and really see your grazing table come to life. Flowers are a great way to also add a pop of colour if you need it. Allocate space for your stand out pieces of produce (usually the cheeses)  we often choose the elevated platforms to give the cheese some height. Use seasonal fresh produce, placing the larger pieces of produce first and then work your way down to the smaller pieces of fruit and berries.We always try to have at least one full wheel of cheese with some natural honey comb dribbling honey over the cheese – this is the wow factor.

Now to the smaller bits and pieces, because we are wanting it to look wholesome, honest and raw. Go along the table adding some nuts and berries to fill in the gaps, yet again adding another textural dimension to you grazer.

Sticking to the 3 keys is essential as they are the back-bone and foundation for any grazing table.

Crockery Ideas

Grey Glazed Bowl

Wooden Board + Bowls

Charcoal Bowl

Cheese Boards

Cheese Board

Stone Board

Rose Gold Tray

Props for Height

Fruit Bowl – turn this upside down and place a platter on top

Vases – bread sticks in long vases or crostini in low vases


Cheese Knives

Candle Holder