In a new catering and events trend, divorce parties are becoming more and more popular as one in three Australian marriages ends in divorce.

The divorce party trend is rapidly growing in Australia and event planners are now staging events that can be as elaborate as a wedding, complete with catering, cocktails, band and a divorce cake. The sentiment behind these parties is to mindfully and honourably end a relationship. Providing a new road map for those navigating the tricky terrain of divorce. With 70% of divorces in Australia being instigated by females – greater financial independence is giving women more confidence to ”embrace the change”.

Psychologist Brett Stathis, is in favour of the industry springing up around divorce. ”It helps people move on knowing they have the support of their friends, and that divorce is not something to be ashamed of,” he says. Divorce parties are not about bashing your ex partner or negatives, they are about moving on and letting your friends & family know you are finally ”OK” and celebrating your new life.

While they aren’t for everyone, they are definitely a fresh take on closure. And Ultimo Catering & Events loves any excuse to party.

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