Go into the kitchen of a top steak restaurant and you’re likely to find a $20,000 Josper oven, favoured by chefs for its searing 300°C cooking temperature. The guys at Bompas & Parr, a London event company, didn’t think that was anywhere near hot enough, so they headed to Syracuse University in upstate New York, where Professor Robert Wysocki has over-clocked an industrial bronze furnace and working up an expertise in creating artificial volcanos and streams of man-made lava.

Prof Wysocki and his team have done 100 lava pours so far, for artistic and scientific purposes, but have never actually used the lava’s 2,100°F heat to do something as ubiquitous as cooking with lava.

See what happens when super-heated liquid rock meets an icy crevasse and a 10oz ribeye steak