What better time than a wedding to pop open of bottle of bubbling champagne! Delicious all on it’s own, of course, but with the addition of one or two simple infusions of flavour, a cocktail on arrival can transform into a signature drink your guests will remember for years to come. If the budget doesn’t stretch to Champagne, a sparkling or our favorite substitute, a great Prosecco are the perfect addition to any of the following cocktails. Each breathtakingly simple, drawing upon seasonal flavours, fruits and flowers for a stunning extension of mood.

Peach  / Add a dash of peach puree to the bottom of each flute, for a classic Peach Bellini.
Lavender  / Add a teaspoon of dried lavender to a classic peach puree. Muddle the ingredients and use in place of straight peach garnish with a lavender flower for an extra elegant look.
Blackberry  /  Garnish simply with blackberries for luscious effect.
Orange & Rosemary  /  Add a dash of orange bitters, or orange juice. Garnish with a ribbon of orange peel and rosemary.
Elderflower  /  Add a dash of Elderflower liqueur and a ribbon of cucumber to a champagne glass for a refreshing, floral cocktail.
Rose Punch  /  For a perfumed prosecco punch, place plenty of ice into a jug, adding a generous dash of a floral infused gin and Clik rose extract to taste. Top with chilled prosseco and garnish each glass with rose petals.